Korean Panko Chicken Hirata Buns

Breaded chicken thigh, in a soft, steamed hirata bun, topped with spicy Korean mayo, cucumber and spring onions. 2 per portion.

Salt & Pepper Mushrooms Vegetarian

Crispy oyster mushrooms, seasoned with salt, cracked black pepper, fresh garlic and ginger paste, topped with red chilli. Served with a plum sauce.

Roast Pork Belly Hirata Buns

Due to popular demand, this special has become a permanent fixture. Slow roasted pork belly, spring onion and cucumber in a soft Hirata Bun, topped with a spicy hoisin sauce.

Salt & Pepper Squid

Crispy strips of fresh squid, seasoned with salt, black cracked pepper & our sweet chilli & lime dipping sauce.

Chicken Satay

Succulent pieces of chicken, served with our peanut & tamarind satay sauce.

Chunky Prawn Toast

Our prawn toast is special. Slices of crisp toast, deep lled with fresh prawns. Served with a sweet chilli and lime dipping sauce.

Crispy Seaweed Vegan

Shredded spring greens delicately seasoned in coconut dust.

Duck Spring Rolls

Crispy light pastry stuffed with tender duck breast & served with a hoisin sauce dip. Contains crushed peanuts.

Vegetarian Spring Rolls Vegetarian

Our crispy vegetable rolls served with a sweet chilli & lime dipping sauce. Contains peanuts.

Sesame Chicken Wings

Grilled wings glazed in our sweet soy sauce & coated in toasted sesame seeds.

Korean Hot Wings

Crisp, tender wings served with our homemade Korean sauce. Warning: Its super spicy!

Pork & Goji Berry Dumplings

4x chunky shumai style dumplings, gently steamed, stuffed with succulent pork belly and topped with goji berries.

Sticky Pork Ribs

Tender ribs slow roasted and glazed with our sweet char siu BBQ sauce.

Thai Prawn Crackers

Served with homemade sweet chilli dip. For all orders over 25 pounds we try to send out a FREE bag of Thai prawn crackers. Please note that we do run out on occasion.

Pancake Dishes

Quarter Crispy Duck

Roasted duck, extra crispy, served with chopped cucumber, spring onions & hoisin sauce.

Half Crispy Duck

Roasted duck, extra crispy, served with chopped cucumber, spring onions & hoisin sauce.

Whole Crispy Duck

Roasted duck, extra crispy, served with chopped cucumber, spring onions & hoisin sauce.

Crispy Oyster Mushroom Pancakes Vegetarian

The best vegetarian Chinese pancake dish in the world. Served with chopped cucumber, spring onions and hoisin sauce.


Thai Green Curry

Freshly diced chicken thigh in a creamy coconut and green chilli curry.

Firecracker Chicken

Crunch coated chicken thigh, glazed in our sweet but spicy Korean hot sauce, served with onions, peppers and dry red chillis.

Dynamite Kung Pao Chicken

Tender chicken thighs, stir fried with cashew nuts, crushed peppercorns & fiery chilies in a spicy sauce.

Malaysian Coconut Curry

Stir fried pieces of chicken thigh in a slightly sweet coconut and tamarind curry sauce.

Skinny Ginger Chicken

Diced chicken thigh, wok tossed with fresh ginger, garlic and spring onion in a light soy base.

Sweet & Sour Chicken

A classic. Diced chicken thighs, wok cooked in Zing Zing’s sweet & sour sauce.

Fresh Lemon Chicken

Crunch coated chicken thighs, topped with edamame and yellow peppers in a light sauce made from fresh lemons.

Glazed Sesame Chicken

Crispy pieces of chicken thigh coated in a sweet sesame sauce & lightly toasted sesame seeds.


Chilli Beef Strips

Shredded beef, crunch coated and tossed in our homemade hot sauce. A spicier version of our Chunky Shredded Beef.

Chunky Shredded Beef

Warning: This is not a standard crispy shredded beef. Its much better. We use chunky strips of chunky tender beef glazed in a very dark, caramelised, sweet soy sauce. Wok tossed with chilli and ginger.

Beef in Black Bean Sauce

Warning: This is a lighter, healthier (and tastier) take on a standard beef in black bean sauce. Tender cuts of beef, coated in our light sauce made from fresh black beans.

Beef Rendang

Our take on this fragrant Indonesian curry, with thick cuts of beef simmered in coconut milk, tamarind & lime leaves.


Honey Glazed Char Siu

Slow roasted pork, glazed & sweetened in our homemade BBQ sauce.


Firecracker Squid

Crunchy strips of calamari glazed in our sweet but spicy Korean hot sauce

Crunchy Tiger Prawns

Crispy fresh tiger prawns, topped with salt, spring onions and black cracked pepper.

Coconut Tamarind Prawns

Lightly battered tiger prawns marinated in tamarind and coconut milk, garnished with lime leaves.


Miso Aubergine Vegan

Melt in your mouth aubergine in a light sweet miso sauce, infused with green tea and topped with sesame seeds.

Szechuan Aubergine Vegan

Freshly chopped aubergine, wok tossed with a light ginger, garlic and chilli sauce.

Sweet Potato Rendang Vegan

Slow roasted sweet potato in our fragrant Indonesian curry, made from coconut milk, tamarind & lime leaves.

Sweet Sesame Tofu Vegan

Spicy tofu, wok cooked with chillis and lightly glazed in a sweet soy sauce with toasted sesame seeds.

Noodles & Rice

Bacon Special Fried Rice

A Zing Zing take on special fried rice, with bacon, prawn, chicken, egg and carrots.

Steamed Brown Rice & Grain Vegan

A super healthy steamed brown rice with quinoa, mixed wild rice and bulgur wheat.

White Steamed Rice Vegan

Edamame Egg Fried Rice Vegetarian

Classic egg fried rice with added edamame beans.

Hong Kong Noodles Vegetarian

Vegetable Chow Mein: Stir fried egg noodles, wok tossed with fresh spring onion, bean sprouts & Chinese leaf.

Beef Chow Mein

Egg noodles with fresh spring onions, stir fried in a light soy and sesame sauce.

Chicken Chow Mein

Egg noodles with fresh spring onions, stir fried in a light soy and sesame sauce.

Pad Thai Chicken

Rice stick noodles, stir fried with fresh lime juice, coconut milk, thinly sliced tofu and topped with crushed peanuts.

Pad Thai Prawn

Rice stick noodles, stir fried with fresh lime juice, coconut milk, thinly sliced tofu and topped with crushed peanuts.


Chicken & Sweetcorn Soup

Our take on this classic. A fresh chicken stock, flavoured with fresh sweetcorn and mushrooms.

Prawn Wonton Soup

A delicious prawn broth, served with vegetables and freshly wrapped prawn wontons.

Chinese Greens

Seasonal Chinese Greens Vegan

Fresh brocolli, pak choi, mushrooms and mange tout in a light oyster sauce.

Tenderstem Broccoli Vegan

Fresh broccoli topped with a light soy & sesame dressing.


Nutella and Banana Spring Rolls

The Great Wall of Chocolate. Melted Nutella and warm banana wrapped in a crispy shell. Contains peanuts. (V)

Peanut Butter S More Spring Rolls

Indulgence springrollified. Peanut butter, melted marsh mellow and Nutella served in a crispy shell with a custard dip. Contains peanuts.

Strawberries & Cream Chinese Donuts Vegetarian

SUMMER SPECIAL: Sugar and cinnamon fried hirata buns, served with cream custard and jam. Absolutely spiffing for the English summertime.



Diet Coke



Still Water

Sparkling Water

Bubble Teas

Jasmine Milk Tea Vegetarian

Freshly brewed jasmine tea, iced with cold soya milk. Choose from a selection of pearls. Dairy free.

Meal Deals

£ 7.95

Zing Box

- Step 1: Choose a full portion of selected main courses - Dynamite Kung Pao, Malaysian Coconut Curry, Sweet & Sour Chicken,
Glazed Sesame Chicken, Fresh Lemon Chicken, Thai Green Curry, Chunky Shredded Beef, Beef Rendang (+50p), Chilli Beef Strips (+50p),
Honey Glazed Char Siu (+50p), Sesame Chilli Tofu, Szechuan Aubergine, Sweet Potato Rending.

- Step 2: Add Steamed White Rice, Edamame Egg Fried Rice (+50p) or Steamed Brown Rice and Grain (£1).

- Step 3: Add a starter to any Zing Box for an extra £4.95.

Perfect for shindigs, gatherings and parties. Especially communist parties.

Meal for Two

- Vegetable Spring Rolls
- Korean Chicken Wings
Main Courses:
- Chunky Shredded Beef
- Sweet and Sour Chicken
Egg Fried Rice
Crispy Seaweed

Vegetarian Meal for Two

- Vegetable Spring Rolls
- Salt & Pepper Mushrooms
Main Courses:
- Sesame Chilli Tofu
- Szechuan Aubergine
Egg Fried Rice
Crispy Seaweed


Sweet & Sour Dip Vegan

Sweet Chilli & Lime Dip Vegan

Hot Sauce

Our Homemade Korean Hot Sauce



Hitachino Nest

5.5% ABV. A craft Japanese beer - possibly the best Oriental beer of all time. Refreshing with a complex flavour.